Mycorrhizal Fungi – Water Soluble – 50g’s – R200

R 200.00

A beneficial symbiotic root fungi which helps the plant with growth and protection leading to better harvests



A water soluble version which is easy to apply to developed plants and trees.

The benefits of using Mycorrhizae products in farming are well-documented, and in fact, this ancient fungus has been aiding in root health and development for over 400-million years.

The Mycorrhizal fungi work by excreting powerful chemicals into the soil, which repel potentially damaging elements and strengthen the soil by creating a porous structure of glued soil particles. It is a symbiotic relationship that benefits both the plant and the fungus: The Mycorrhizae fungi receive sugar and other important compounds from the roots, which further fuel their activities, while the plant benefits through improved growth, strength and health.

Specifically, crops benefit from:

  • Increased water absorption
  • Improved mineral uptake, as the chemicals released by the Mycorrhizal fungi help to dissolve mineral nutrients in the soil
  • Boosts plant survival rates
  • Retards pathogens in the soil
  • Increases resistance to drought
  • Improved root growth
  • Reduces transplant shock
  • More abundant fruit/vegetable/flower production

Mychorrhizae products help to create longer roots for your plants, boosting their efficiency and robustness. In other words, it’s as if your plants have a second set of roots. This phenomenon will have noticeable and highly beneficial results for your farming, including:

  • Growing healthier, stronger, tastier crops
  • Enjoying better quality produce
  • Yielding greater annual crops
  • Reaping hardier, longer lasting crops that are more resilient to disease and environmental conditions.

Soil that is treated with Mycorrhizae helps to boost the health of your roots, which in turn contributes to stronger crops, greater yields, and better quality produce.

Jamie’s Garden Shop offers a range of Mycorrhizae products that are easy to apply and suitable for crops of all types and sizes. Contact us today for help in selecting the ideal product for your agricultural activities.

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