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Vermicompost/Earthworm Compost (Rough)

Earthworm castings contain high amounts of beneficial bacteria, humus, humic acids, enzymes and many other beneficial natural compounds which increase plant healthy, disease resistance, soil health and much more.

Xterminator ™ – Pyrethrum Based – Organic Pesticide

Insect control, organic pesticide. Directions for use Dosage: 5ml Exterminator per 1L water. Application: Wash spray tank thoroughly to remove all traces of chemicals. Fill spray tank half with water (pH 6.0-7.3). Shake container with Xterminator well. Add the right quantity Xterminator and a suitable wetting agent to the water and mix. Fill spray tank while stirring continuously. Wet plants thoroughly – effective for 10-12 days. Apply early morning or late afternoon. Do not spray if air temperature exceeds 30°C or if the relative humidity is below 30%.

Yellow Sticky Cards

10 pack Use to trap and monitor flying pests.


Zeolite Apply 125ml-1000ml per 100L of soil or per sqm