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Bio Insek

Bio-Insek is a biological insecticide. Spores of the fungus, when landing on insects, parasitizes the body and if present in the soil, will parasitize the larvae and even eggs of insects. Applications Can be used to control insects on a wide variety of crops, such as apples, tomatoes, beans, cabbage, strawberries, alfalfa, citrus, proteas, peas, potatoes, flowers and many more. Soil application: 1.6 – 2.0 kg / ha of Bio-Insek will interfere with the reproduction cycle and reduce number of insects hatching from treated soil. Foliar application: Aim is to get spores onto insects and therefore thorough wetting of the whole plant is needed for Bio-Insect to land on the insects. The product is used to control for example Whitefly, aphids, thrips, mealie bug and snout beetle. Active ingredients Isolates of Beauveria bassiana. Bio-Insek is non-phytotoxic, does not leave any residues, is conducive to integrated pest management, is biodegradable, does not contain any heavy metals and is non-carcinogenic.

Insect Frass

R34.50R230.00 Inc Vat
Insect excrement
  • Stimulates plant immune system
  • Contains a great diversity of macro and micro nutrients
  • Contains beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa
  • Insect chitin helps control pests and pathogens