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Rooibos Mulch

Rooibos mulch is an amazing smelling mulch with other great qualities like deterring snails.

SALE Orgasoilux 30L – 2 for R350 SALE

Two for One Sale! Get 2 x Orgasoilux 30L for R350! Orgasoilux is a premium organic artisan hand crafted living potting soil, tested by labs both nationally and internationally. See the latest Orgasoilux 2021 analysis.

Seabird Guano

Raw seabird guano, high in Nitrogen and very strong Average analysis. N-10-11%. P-3% – K2,3% Apply at 125ml per 100L of soil or per sqm Nitrogen hungry plants may benefit from higher doses but caution is advised

Soft Rock Phosphate


Sphagnum Peat Moss

Acidic peat moss pH 4-4.5 No added buffers Sustainably harvested High water holding capacity High structural stability Low pH & salt value High natural CEC due to fulvic and humic acids Naturally supports the symbiosis betweeen plant roots and mycorrhizal fungi

Talborne Organics Vita-Bone Meal 4:10:0 Organic Fertilizer

An organic high phosphate slow release fertilizer.

Talborne Organics Vita-Green 5:1:5 Organic Fertilizer

A high nitrogen organic slow release fertilizer.

Talborne Organics Vita-Grow 2:3:2 Organic Fertiliser

An organic slow release fertilizer with high phosphate.

Talborne Organics Vita-Veg 6:3:4 Organic Fertilizer

A balanced slow release organic fertilizer for leafy vegetables.

Vermicompost Potting Soil

Earthworm castings contain high amounts of beneficial bacteria, humus, humic acids, enzymes and many other beneficial natural compounds which increase plant healthy, disease resistance, soil health and much more.