xCape Seaweed Extract – 200ml – R125

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Liquid kelp extract


This product is an organic, natural plant growth promoter, designed to increase plant growth. It is made from hand harvested Ecklonia Maxima fronds.  Sustainable harvesting ensures that the natural kelp forests we harvest from regenerates and are fully protected.

The product stimulates root growth which in turn results in bigger root systems.  These roots are then able to take up more nutrients and in turn increases plant mass.

Healthy roots result in healthy plants.


  • Product dilution rate is 1 : 2000. This means:
  • Less shelf space requirements.
  • Less handling.
  • Less storage space requirements.
  • Cheaper transport.
  • Less plastic being used.
  • Faster growing seedlings.
  • Bigger plants.
  • Earlier fruit and flower formation.
  • Increase ability to tolerate stress.
  • Treatments can be done professionally or at home.
  • Excellent stimulant for plants that benefits significantly from an increase in leaves.

This product contains IAA (Idole-3-Acetic Acid), the only Auxin based growth hormone in a plant that is active.  The remainder 4 auxin hormones are by-standers.  Therefore IAA should never be compared to a broad Auxin hormone.

Guaranteed to contain 375 μg of IAA. This means:

  • XCape Seaweed’s consistent formulation will deliver consistent results. Our product is blended between batches until the 375 μg of IAA is achieved.
  • Quality is consistent in spite of it being an organic product.
  • The unique extraction processes enable a high level of free IAA (Indole 3 Acetic Acid) molecules. Free IAA is 1 000 times more effective than bounded Auxins.
  • The average growth stimulant contains 75 micrograms of Auxins.  This makes our product 5 times stronger than competing bio-stimulants, requiring less xCape Seaweed usage of a more concentrated product.
  • The level of Indolene-3-Acetic Acid in xCape Seaweed Bio-Growth Stimulator is guaranteed to enable a higher degree of control over the application levels.  The guaranteed level is attained through blending, ensuring that the impact of varying growth hormones caused by factors such as season changes is managed.

IAA hormones are naturally increased as it the same hormone that is already active in plants, although at a lower level.

  • Plants respond naturally to matching hormones. It therefore does not introduce plant stress or other immune responses.
  • No synthetic hormones are used in the product.

It contains no animal or fish products.

  • It is a natural plant-derived product that is favoured by crop growers supplying Halal, Vegan, Kosher and Organic food markets.

The product is made from hand-harvested Ecklonia Maxima kelp fronds, harvested from a natural seaweed forest on the West Coast of  South Africa.

  • Care is taken not to damage the plants, enabling the re-growth of the natural kelp forest within 6 months.
  • The natural seaweed grows in the clear waters off the cool, nutrient-rich Atlantic Ocean, fed by the Benguela current. This ensures a superb quality product.
  • The harvest forest has no exposure to E-Coli, estragon, herbicides, biocides or other contaminants often found close to city shores.

No harmful preservatives are added.

  • The manufacturing process enables preservation without harmful substances.
  • Even though this is an agriculture product, the utmost care has been taken to ensure that health expectations are met.
  • Preservation mediums used are safe for human consumption.

Can be used in conjunction with any other nutrient programme or NPK blends.

  • It is a pure auxin-based product, designed to increase plant growth and size.  This means that the normal fertilisation programme can continue without interference and it creates an attractive base product for blends.

Packaging options make provision for a wide range of preferences.

  • The product can be purchased in 200 ml containers, 1 litre containers, 20 litre containers and 1 000 litre flow bins.

xCape Seaweed Bio-Growth stimulator is a registered product with DAFF.  It is manufactured from valid kelp licence holders and governed by DAFF.

  • The product is therefore fully legally compliant.
  • It has independently been verified that it has no phytotoxicity and safe to use.
  • The recommended application rates are independently verified.
  • The claims that this product will increase plant mass and yield has also independently been verified.

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