Micronized Soft Rock Phosphate – 10L – R1300

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micronized soft rock phosphate

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Micronized soft rock phosphate is a water soluble version of soft rock phosphate

Due to the extremely small size of the particles it is easily watered into the root system and breaks down far quicker than normal soft rock phosphate

Dosage: Mix 5ml per litre of water and use once a week during flowering or when plants need a phosphorus or calcium boost.



Total Phosphorus                                          (P)              8-10%
2% Citric acid soluble Phosphorus              (P)              3.34%
Calcium                                                           (Ca)             20.1%
Sulphur                                                          (S)             0.145%
Magnesium                                                  (Mg)            1.30%
Iron                                                               (Fe)             0.73%

                                                                                  mg / kg

Manganese                                                  (Mn)               9
Copper                                                          (Cu)               3
Zinc                                                               (Zn)              13
Molybdenum                                                 (Mo)           <10
Boron                                                             (B)              0.8

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