20L (AACT) Actively Aerated Compost Tea Brewing System – R3000

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Actively Aerated Compost Tea Brewer 20L System


Why Compost Tea?

Compost Tea is a means of returning the correct balance of aerobic microorganisms to both plants and soils.

Modernised farming and/or landscaping techniques has improved the chemical status of soils, however, has caused an imbalance of microorganisms in the soils and on plant surfaces. Anaerobic microorganisms have become the dominant microbial populations within the soils, which have led to increased compaction, decreased water retention, decreased organic matter (soil organic carbon), an increase in plant diseases and an increase in the requirements for fertilizers and/or composts.

A healthy ecosystem for plants is an ecosystem where plants form strong relations with aerobic populations of microorganisms (bacteria, protozoa, fungi). These microbial populations aid in plant nutrition, stimulation of both root and shoot extensions and defence against pathogens. Additionally, the aerobic microbial populations structure the soils, making it more porous for better aeration and water holding capacities. Roots spend less energy to extend in the soil. The aerobic organisms also produce organic matter, which lock excess nutrients and fertilizers in the soil, thereby reducing leaching.

Ecosoil Compost Tea is produced from high quality composts which have been specifically designed to contain a high diversity of aerobic microorganisms. By using Ecosoil Compost Tea, the aerobic microorganisms are re-established in soil and/or on plant surfaces. The plants grow more efficiently, better root growth occurs, colouration of leaves and fruit are enhanced, and occurrences of diseases are reduced. The total cost of growing the plants are reduced allowing for a more profitable crop.


The Compost Tea system

The 40L system was designed and is manufactured by Dirty Hands Inc. The system is approved by Ecosoil as an Aerobic Compost Tea System. The system is compact and efficiently extracts and amplifies the number of aerobic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and protozoa) from the Ecosoil compost. The system is provided with:

  • A 20 L tank
  • A compressor (65L/min) to pump air into the system.
  • A heater (50Wt) to heat the system to 25 °C
  • Compost and microbial food for 10x brews


  • Ecosoil compost called “Starter”. The Ecosoil compost has a very high diversity of aerobic microorganisms (higher the diversity the better the structuring of soil) and has been quality assured to contain no pathogens.
  • Ecosoil “Activator”. The Activator is food for the microorganisms. It is added to the water to coax the microorganisms out of the compost and to amplify their numbers. The Activator is a powder, and it is made from organic acids and several plants and herbs.

Brewing Compost Tea

Note: Brewing Compost Tea is growing microorganisms. Cleanliness and hygiene is important. Conditions of the brewing (temperature and aeration) must be maintained at all times to ensure the right microorganisms are grown. Only composts with high microbial diversity and no pathogens are to be used.

Application of Compost Tea

Vegetables; Flowers; Irrigated Grains; Pastures:

  • As a ground treatment: 100-200 L per hectare (10-20ml per m2) every 2 weeks with a total of 600-800 L per hectare per season (60-80ml per m2 per season). Apply with water.
  • As a foliar treatment: 50-100 L per hectare (5-10ml per m2) a season as a 1-in-5 dilution with water.


  • Young establishing tress: 300L per hectare (30ml per m2) once a month, from flowering to harvesting, as a ground application.
  • Established trees: 200 L per hectare (20ml per m2) once a month, from flowering to harvesting; as a ground application.
  • As a foliar treatment: 50-100 L per hectare (5-10ml per m2) a season as a 1-in-5 dilution with water.

Dry land Grains:

  • 60-100L per hectare (6-10ml per m2) applied to seeds at planting.
  • As a foliar treatment: 50-100 L per hectare (5-10ml per m2) a season as a 1-in-5 dilution with water.

Note: Higher ratios of Compost Tea can be added, as long as the Compost Tea is mixed with water.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 95 × 65 × 55 cm


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