Urban Farming

We specialise in the set up and maintenance of indoor or outdoor vertical gardens. See a picture below of a beautiful, easily sustainable indoor greenhouse/vertical mini garden.

Owner - Jamie of Jamie's Garden Shop

We supply all the products required in the installation, whether big or small. Our focus is on the modern urban farmer and the growing eco-trend known as urban farming.

We can advise on the best ways to build and manage…

  • Vegetable Patches
  • Potting Gardening
  • Wall/Vertical Gardens
And over and above any queries or questions you may have about the best way to achieve a healthy and happy organic garden. All of our fertilizers, soil mixes and pesticides are 100% organic and therefore deliver the best results.
You can enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits grown from your own efforts. You’ll be able to taste the difference in your own organic crops and also feel the health kick take an effect on your body and lifestyle.
Urban gardening is the way of the future, join us!