Jamie’s Garden Shop based in Cape Town is a modern organic garden shop that is as inspired by innovative green living as it is by the beauty and satisfaction that successful growing can bring. 

All Jamie’s Garden Shop products have been carefully selected to support organic and natural growing principles. They are tested in our own organic garden in outdoor, indoor and greenhouse grow settings.

Our Premium Living Earth Blend Orgasoilux soil has been scientifically designed to support the optimal growth of Premium Quality Cannabis. Orgasoilux has been quality tested by SGS Labs in SA and Logan Labs in USA.

See the latest 2020 lab analysis

Our advice centers on the best ways to build and manage the following:

  • Organic Cannabis Growing
  • Organic soil maintenance with soil food web principles
  • Organic Vegetable Gardens
  • Container Gardening
  • Urban greening
  • Wall/Vertical Gardens

We are also great at dealing with any queries or questions you may have about the best way to achieve a healthy and happy organic garden.

The rewards for this kind of modern gardening sees you, the grower enjoy fresh produce grown in your garden. You’ll be able to taste the difference in your own organic crops and also feel the health kick take an effect on your body and lifestyle.

Our fertilizers, soil mixes and pesticides are one hundred percent organic and highly effective in the ways that nature intended, delivering the best results.

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